Current Work

In the current work of Rafel we can beat on the presence of a major innovation for the senses.
This work is inspired, absorbed and done in la Fageda d'en Jordà, a forest in la Garrotxa which leaves no one indifferent.
In this loved forest, the artist spends many moments since as he says, "it is the place where the muses never hide from me and in this way i get into its deep interior i get soaked with nice inspiration and a very good creation.
All the structure of this style so typical of Rafel is based on a careful preparation of the work, giving great importance to the perfect composition which he offers us about the nature itself.
Technically, he starts in a well found corner in the middle of the forests, corners which are always special and endless. Based on a precise drawing volume is being added the poet said, little by little and with the desired volume, color is born and it fuses subtly with the forest atmosphere.
All this in a package that allows the viewer to awaken the desire to touch the work. And that is because Rafel believes that the works far from being displayed on unattainable walls, they should be able to be touched, a sense that we have always been banned in the world of painting, which is both an instinctive tendency which comes from our interior when we think that no one is watching us.
We may either like or dislike Rafel’s work, because the observer is free but you can be sure about something: it is unique and it defends itself.

Jordi Martí and Teresa Aubert -Actors del  “teló de fons”, co-directors of the series “els Tiets” into Sant Joan Radio and with the role of “Los Dulzones” in the film Garrotxilàndia.

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