Rafel and the Ferrari

During the weekend of 24th and 25th of April, 2010, ferrari’s horses walked along the region of La Garrotxa. Then, on the 25th, as the sun raises on Sunday, they entered with special permission inside the singular forest of la Fageda d'en Jordà. By chance, i was there doing one of my artwork as usually. That morning among the whisper of birds, suddenly and from a far distance, I was surprised by the increasingly silent roar that was coming nearer, becoming transformed an amazing and unexpected image that was passing in front of my eyes. Cavallinos and forest, in an almost metaphorical image. One after another. The beech, in the middle of spring as the poet Joan Maragall said, green and deep, and at the same time the impressive touch moving of rosso corsa rosso scuderia and, among other pigmentations of the Maranello brand.
Having this impressive vision, the creative machinery started to work and precisely in this part of the forest is where I have been working on 122cm by 100cm brackets where models of the mythical Ferrari are reflected as the 355 berlinetta, 360 modena, spider, 430, 512 testarossa...
No doubt, all with a very personal style, based on the textures and relieves to which I am settled, showing life, temper, and great sensations to sight and touch.
Now, I hope and wish you to enjoy it with me, as the many spectators who have met me during the execution of this project in the beloved landscape of the Fageda d'en Jordà have done.
Finally and before going to the pictures, I want to thank all the team members of the Ferrari Club Spain for the great interest shown throughout this project, and especially to my friend Fede Garcia press office / news Ferrari Club Spain, without him all this wouldn’t have become real.

Rafel d’Olot.
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